Monday, October 18, 2010

Celebrate with Us !

You can have your very own People's Design Award-winning Braille Alphabet Bracelet. They make great Christmas gifts for family and friends (or for you own stocking!). And it is a gift that gives back to support non-profit organizations that support Braille literacy. What could be better than that?
To order, just click the link below. You'll be asked to specify the finish (shiny or brushed silver) and size (7", 7.5", or 8.25") when ordering.


  1. Congratulations! I love my bracelet and wear it to any presentation I give ... and so many times to just accent my outfit.

  2. Where do I go to order? I would love to see the different designs you have in the bracelets. Also, I would need a large size (long length) is this possible?

  3. Julie, if you're using a screen reader, there should be a prompt for an 'add to cart' button in the copy near the top of the blog under 'Celebrate With Us.'
    If you have further trouble or just would rather not bother, please feel free to phone in your order. 214-675-4061
    Most of my jewelry is hand made, and all but the fashion version of the alphabet bracelet and the heart on the classic, Tiffany style are one of a kind, so YOU can tell me what you'd like and what your budget is, and I'll be happy to work with you.