Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I had so many people comment about the "new" version of the alphabet bracelet while the Christmas special was up (I've had this style for about five years) that I've decided to leave this photo front and center for a while longer!
I do carry this solid sterling version of the alphabet bracelet - the one I wear almost every day - with the luminescent pearl clasp, encircled by granulation dots of silver to mimic the braille. I also have other gemstone clasps available in place of the pearl. Simply and timelessly beautiful!


  1. I received a beautiful Braille alphabet bracelet for my birthday a few weeks ago from my husband. He read me the story in Fast company magazine and the background on how you started with Braille jewellery. I was so touched by your story I became very emotional. I feel this is by far the best gift I have EVER received. I admire all that you do and hope to someday do something just as important and special. Thank you for your inspiration and determination.

  2. What a nice note, Brittany; thank you very much!
    (Though, my husband just wants you to be sure you have fnancia security before going down that road,LOL!)
    Seriously, it is a wonderful, if not skewed version of the life I thought I'd be having, and I have to say, I've met so many wonderful people I'd never have otherwise met, that I can no longer see this situation as far removed from a blessing. Well, okay, blindness is a pain sometimes, but knowing what I now know has certainlly changed my formerly pretty narrow view...