Friday, January 7, 2011

Another birth!

Here's the video my husband, Eric, has produced for application to a juried, international design competition. It's his first and I think he did a wonderful editing job, with help (thanks, Keith).
One of the competition jurors had kindly extended an invitation for me to apply with my alphabet bracelet design, but I couldn't because I've been in business for just over 10 years - their criteria states no more than five. BrailleInk makes it in just before the bell!

I'm as proud of this format as I am of the alphabet bracelet because it grew out of our own frustrations and trials with Ethan in the early reading days...

I remember lying on the floor next to four-year-old, Ethan, reading one of his favorite books, Fuzzy Bear with the fuzzy fake fur jacket. He was doing such a great job of touching the pages 'reading' the dots, as we read aloud together, I didn't want to stop and ask him to move his fingers because I was having such a hard time reading the braille or the print!

We got through that evening's reading, but there were many more times when even his little hands covered the braille we were all just learning, as well as the print that would help me help him with words or letters he hadn't yet learned.

If you've had this situation in your family, you might want to take a look at the video and then at BrailleInk's web site,, and check out the two books currently in publication.

With a monetary award like this one, they could actually get the presses up and running again - keep dreaming!

(A note to my friend, Elizabeth: thank goodness this is the only birthing going on around here. Half of us are too young; the other half too old!


  1. This is wonderful. I love the video and feel inspired to learn to read in Braille and teach!

  2. No wonder you're proud! I found this very informative! I'm a former preschool teacher and know how important that "shared" experience is! Just wonderful!

    BTW.. the book featured is one of my favs!