Monday, January 3, 2011

New Beginnings

Things are really changing fast around here. Our boys are getting older and even a little wiser (discounting Spencer's decision to go completely into the creek today on the last day of break) and I'm getting settled into my new, larger studio space, really trying to make useful choices instead of just making do with things I've had and/or added over the years in a hodgepodge fashion. (I can't believe all of the waste there was around me before; yikes!)

I'll be traveling to Ruidoso, NM this week to work with another silversmith who will be casting the sterling cell tiles. It's going to be wonderful having them cast Stateside, instead of overseas, and I'll have more input, and control, as well as the benefit of input from another metal worker, which is never a bad thing. I'm also hoping  to start casting my own designs - new and old - in pewter. Very exciting! I'll be learning to work with another metal, and have opportunities for making smaller run productions of various designs. That means even more variety, and lower prices! (The pewter heart with decorative bail is $10.00.) Often, though, I have plans to do new things and keep the wheels turning, but seem to be thwarted by the stuff of life (i.e., kids, housework, dance classes) that I don't get to the other side of the planning, so wish me well on this one, would you?!

There are a couple of new articles around -Flaunt Magazine (if anyone can even find a copy of it) and Southern Lady - about my braille jewelry and why I make it, as well as an upcoming news segment; I'll try to post these as soon as they're available to me. Hopefully, these will all go further toward propelling the braille literacy agenda. (Though, some of us are still hoping for A and B to adopt a child who's blind or v.i.!) ;-D

Let's all get going this new year in the directions we want to go in, with personal goals held high and dry, unforgotten, and braille literacy in mind!


  1. I'm really glad to hear you like it, Sheila! I'm going to be coming up with more designs and doing limited runs on several new pieces this year - hopefully, next month, in time for Valentine's, Texas Focus and teacher's presie's in May!